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    Calling all fashion designers... please join us at the Fashion Industry Network. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • I am an aspiring artist seeking employment in the fashion industry.  How do I find employment? Well, it is funny you should ask.. The Apparel Search Company has actually launched a new web site that has been developed for precisely the purpose of finding you a job. As luck would have it, you are actually on the site as we speak. The Designer Search portfolio service has been developed with the sole purpose of matching qualified artists with clothing industry companies seeking to hire artists for freelance assignments. If you are searching for full time employment in the fashion industry, try the Clothing Industry Jobs website or the Fashion Job Search website. If you own your own design studio or wish to participate in freelance or part time assignments, please read on... As a fashion industry artist, you are permitted to register for a FREE account on Designer Search. This account will allow you the opportunity to develop your very own designer portfolio. In a nut shell, the portfolio is a method for you to promote your professional biography as well as images of your past and present illustrations. After your account is set up and your portfolio is created, you are welcome to login at any time to edit your portfolio with updated bio information or new images.

  • How does an online portfolio help me? Remember in school when your teacher told you their is no such thing as a dumb question... Your teacher was simply trying to be nice to you. The above question is clearly a ridiculous one. Anyway, if you really can not grasp the concept, I must simply point out again that this is a FREE service to assist you with promoting yourself and your business to the fashion industry. If your goal, is to gain freelance employment in the fashion industry, why would you not try listing a profile on Designer Search. For your easy reference, "FREE" means that it is of no cost to you... If it helps sway your decision in one way or the other, please note that Designer Search is a new division of Apparel Search. In time, viewers from Apparel Search will migrate their way to this new web site. At that point, it is very possible you will be in the right place at the right time. It only takes one clothing company that finds interest in your designs and then BINGO you have employment... What is the worst thing that can happen??? I guess you can spend ten entire minutes creating a profile and never gain one ounce of new business. Hence, you would have wasted ten minutes of your life. Oh well, things could be worse... In an effort to assist artists who wish to freelance “on the side” (while maintaining employment else where) we have included a method for anonymous communication. This will allow a potential employer to contact an artist without seeing the artist's full contact information. After the designer / artist, receives the first correspondence, they can decide if they wish to respond to the potential employer and only at that time the potential employer would learn the designers contact detail. Simply stated, Designer Search is a "match making service" to assist with business activities relevant to the DESIGN aspects of the fashion industry. All communication, design approvals, price negotiations, payments etc., will be between the buyer and seller of design services. Designer Search is not involved with the transactions between artists and employers. All business dealings are strictly between the artist and employer. The Designer Search b2b portal is for clothing and textile design only. If you offer fashion industry design services, you are welcome to create a profile ...

  • Registration is FREE! - Click here to register
  • Full Page Profiles! - Once you register you can create full page profiles with several images, a link to your web site, a map to your business and more. You can also include your company logo and your own photo.
  • Events Calendar - Registered users may submit events for inclusion in our events calendar free of charge. PLEASE post only fashion related events. If you have a fashion runway show, design seminar, trade show appearance etc., you are welcome to post your event.
  • Photo Galleries - Registered users may submit photos to be included in our photo galleries. Not all photo's will be accepted, but high quality photo's of interest to our site visitors are another way you can highlight your business or area.

    We also publish news stories, which if you are interested in writing, you may submit to us for consideration.

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