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    Cool Links

    Apparel Industry Links

    • Apparel Search - Apparel Search is an online portal for the clothing and fashion industry to learn about all issues relevant to apparel and textiles.
    • Fashion Blog - The new fashion blog from the Apparel Search clothing industry directory.
    • Fashion Job Search - Fashion Industry Job Search Engine. You can search for a fashion career as a fashion designer or any other position in the fashion industry.
    • Fashion Industry Network - The Fashion Industry Network is a business directory for the fashion industry. Members can network regarding fashion design, clothing manufacturing, trend forecasting etc. View or post fashion photos, videos, forum posts etc.
    • Fashion Designers - This link will take you to the fashion designer list at the Apparel Search website. This list is a completely separate database then what you will find here at the Designer Search website. If you have a profile here at Designer Search, you are welcome to also submit your information for concideration at Apparel Search.
    • Fashion Designers by Designer Name - At the Apparel Search site you will find a directory of fashion designers. Also, there is a special list of popular designers that are arranged by the fashion designers name.
    • Clothing B2B - The Clothing B2B is an absolutely amazing use of technology. You can search the internet for anything relevant to fashion. The site also has special sections for fashion photos and fashion videos. A great site to try.
    • Only Clothing - The Only Clothing website is an online directory for finding companies that sell clothing online. The Only Clothing directory also provides links to business services for the clothing industry.
    • Clothing Model - fashion industry modeling resource for clothing companies and fashion magazines to locate models, hair stylists, makeup artists, fashion photographers etc. It is also a wonderful resources for models to post modeling portfolios and located modeling agencies, modeling schools and other helpful resources to further their modeling career.
    • Modeling Portfolios - This website is for models to post online modeling portfolios. You can view model profiles or post model profiles at ClothingModel.NET If you wish to use a modeling directory ty ClothingModel.COM
    • Apparel Magazine - The Apparel Magazine web site is a directory of fashion and apparel magazines. You can find magazines regarding fashion design, textiles, pattern making and more.
    • Fashion Blog - View the fashion blog to read about fashion design and many other topics relevant to fashion and style...
    • Fashion Newspaper - Read about fashion industry news at the Fashion Newspaper web site.
    • Fashion Books - Do you wish to be educated about fashion? Try some of the fashion books at the Fashion Books web site.
    • Fashion Calendar - Are you looking for fashion industry events? Are you planning a fashion event? If yes, try the Fashion Calendar web site.
    • Any Industry - Visit the Any Industry web site to learn about the apparel industry and textile industry. You will find apparel industry news, employment, apparel links etc.
    • Apparel Retailer - The Apparel Retailer web site is a search engine to help you find clothing stores and fashion boutiques.
    • Apparel Wholesaler - Can you guess what the Apparel Wholesaer web site is for??? Yes, it is for you to find wholesale clothing and fashion wholesalers.
    • Apparel Manufacturer - If the "Apparel Retailer" web site brings you to a search engine specializing in clothing retailers, and the "Apparel Wholesaler" site allows you to search for clothing wholesalers, it is hard to imagine what the "Apparel Manufacturer" will do for you... If you could not guess, it will help you find clothing factories.
    • Fashion Industry - The Fashion Industry website is an alternate method to search the Apparel Search Directory. This site provides a new linking structure in an attempt to provide an easier method to find information about apparel.
    • Fashion Week Photos - Fashion website for viewing fashion week photos and fashion images from international fashion week events.
    • Clothing Industry Directory - Online directory for the clothing industry.
    • Fashion News - Read current news about fashion and the fashion industry. The fashion news section is a great place to find current trends.
    • Fashion Directory - The Fashion Directory website is a small website developed by the Apparel Search Company to serve as a quick reference guide to the fashion industry. Not nearly has complex as the site, this fashion directory is intended only as a brief introduction to the apparel industry.
    • Fashion Jobs - Being a freelance fashion designer is wonderful. But you may also want something more full time for your fashion career. From this link you can find fashion jobs.

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